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Arrow Shorts Black with White Silver

Arrow Shorts Black with White Silver

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These bikes shorts are perfect for any warmer weather activity! The arrows are shiny, which creates a great reflective surface for any biker or Roller Derby rockstar. With so many sparkles on your side what can go wrong?!

We make all our shorts with what we call a comfort waistband - a more comfortable, wider (2.5") fabric waistband which doesn't cinch you in. Comfy and flattering! This used to be an up-charge, now it's our standard.

These photos reflect our older style waistband. The current style will have a soft black band at the top.

We also offer these shorts with a top lining -  the top part of the leggings will be double thick for maximum opacity. Customers who play sports love this option!

Every pair of shorts is cut by hand and sewn to order (by me!). Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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